Why Learn Qigong?

This ancient vitality system is your breathwork, your meditation, and your exercise in one.

  • Insane energy levels - WITHOUT relying on coffee or energy drinks

  • Train your body in BOTH physical and emotional fitness - so you can be unshakable in the storm

  • Reconnect to your soul's higher purpose and regain the clarity you've been missing

Learn the Immortal Form Practice

The Immortal Form Qi Gong Practice is the perfect entry level system for anyone to experience the incredible benefits of Qi Gong.
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Learn the Immortal Form Practice

Easy to Learn, Benefits for a Lifetime

Every training has been distilled to it's essentials - meaning you can get your life-changing daily practice started in under an hour.
Easy to Learn, Benefits for a Lifetime

Meet your Instructor

  • David Beaudry

    Masters in Medical Qigong (MMQ)

    David Beaudry

    David Beaudry is a trainer and coach for integrating movement mastery and spiritual evolution. With a degree in psychology, a masters in Medical Qigong and 11 years as a NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer he teaches world-class athletes and entrepreneurs how to harness the power of their mind and body for high performance, health and vitality. One of his biggest passions is teaching and empowering people with the skills to lead a life filled with meaning, purpose, and miracles.

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